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Well Played Zuck. Well Played.

Creating a service that allows people to connect with multiple people instantaneously – Check

Being able to monetize said service – Check

Becoming one of the world’s 30 wealthiest people by age 28 – Check

Marrying long-term girlfriend and learning Mandarin in preparation for a trip to China with her – Check

Pledging away 50% of personal wealth to charity – Check

Mark Zuckerberg – Living life like a boss.

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Being Young

My dad loves to tell me that age is only a number. When a 60 year old man whom you love to death says that, you realize how true it is. We are the fittest we will ever be, we will never look better than this and we might give in to societal pressure and never again take the risks we can take right now.

But it hold’s true for everyone, not just the 20 year olds. You are as old as you feel. So let’s just go out take back the world.

I leave you with this catchy song that’s being played all over the radio.

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City In Sunshine

You never appreciate something unless you spend time away from it. It may be a friend, your parents or a collection of books. In Seattle, where the weather usually nine months of cloud, the thing I miss the most is sunshine.

To be honest, Seattle is not as depressing as people make it out to be. It does rain every so often but I have no reason to go crazy or kill myself. Sure it could use a little warmth but that only applies to the weather. Seattle is warm and welcoming. After spending time in the deep South where every state is solid red, it feels good to come to a liberal state.

When it’s sunny outside, the city comes to life. The shorts are out, people mill about taking walks, biking or simply take in the much needed UV radiation. It is a gorgeous place and it’s a crying shame if one has to remain indoors on a day like this.

Another one of my favourite sights is the imposing Mount Rainier. A dormant, snow-covered volcano, it is easily visible from anywhere around Seattle and looks intimidating. It has become a familiar sight but it is only visible on those rare cloudless days and this makes it all the more special. To prove my point, I will leave this right here


Tomorrow is another sunny day out. Perfect weather to complete my first half-marathon. See you at the finish line.




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Philosophy…… Well, About That……..

When I am getting desperate for ideas to write about, a dear friend asks the question, “Do you belong to any formal school of philosophy?”

A difficult question to answer for most people. For one, I am not well versed in formal philosophy. I am not aware of the various branches of philosophy that exist. I am vaguely familiar with a few philosophical ideas but to group myself into one distinct school is difficult.

The best I can do is elaborate on certain ethics that I at least to live by. I am a libertarian in some aspects. I strongly believe that personal freedoms must not be infringed upon by other people or governments or societies. I put freedom of speech, freedom of expression and thought above all others. nothing is sacred to me. Everything is worth questioning. I would like to see a society where artificial distinctions do not exist. Nations, races, religions are human constructs and the differences that are created between members of the same species because of these are harmful for humanity and in my opinion, these constructs infringe on personal freedom in the worst possible ways.

To some extent, I am also socialistic. I believe that society has a duty to help those who cannot help themselves. Selfishness, to me is not a virtue like what Ayn Rand supporters would like to believe. To be only conscious of oneself and uncaring of others is a repulsive philosophy to live by because I want to contribute to the progress of humanity, not merely the progress of individuals.

In some ways, I am materialistic. To me, there are some joys that possessions can provide you with. Though not a compulsive buyer, I would not be minimalistic either. Materialistic knowledge is very tangible. What can be seen, touched, tasted, smelt offers the surety of existence and at times, this comforts me more than the solace that formless thoughts provide.

I am a rationalist. I prize reason and logic above blind acceptance of ideas. Following the roots of thoughts brings me great satisfaction. The repetitive cycles of cause and effect at endlessly fascinating and appeal to the rationalist in me.

Above all perhaps, I am a skeptic. I cannot accept anything as fact without verifying it for myself. I live by the statement, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. And as the same friend puts it, I am a “knowledge obsessor”.

Too long, didn’t read? NO, I do not belong to any formal school of philosophy.


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The Ocean Beckons

I have always been fascinated with water. Growing up in Bombay meant that I would make a trip to the beach every weekend and looking upon the water always makes me think about the vastness of it all.

Oceans are awe-inspiring. Water covers 75% of our planet but we have hardly explored the oceans. To think of the mysteries it hides from us. We look at the stars and wonder about life out there, but we don’t know much about the life that the oceans hide from us. I have always wanted to spend time on a ship, perhaps one day that dream will come true.

Till then, I leave you with this video that shows just how insignificant we really are when the ocean decides to come alive.


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When You Get Lazy

This post is more of an attempt to keep the habit going rather than succumb to a lazy weekend. There are several words that begin with “L”. Life, love, luck, and so on but I choose “lazy” because that’s how I feel right now.

I don’t want to write which is why I have told myself that it’s just one of those days. Because of this, I have convinced myself that I cannot do justice to any topic that I can think of tonight.

And somehow, I just can’t. Maybe it is the effect of doing nothing significant during the day except some heavy furniture lifting. More likely it’s a classic case of writer’s block. You feel something that you write is terrible before you write it. All that is just in my mind of course. I am just feeling too lethargic to write something good.

As a result of all this musing, I have managed to write a post that exceeds 200 words and I have created a nice little paradox. I am feeling too lazy to write about anything, so I write about laziness. But by doing so, I have written about something. As a result, perhaps I am not that lazy after all and I just might be able to do justice to another topic. But I am too lazy to indulge in speculation at this point.

Good night.


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A Few Thoughts On Freedom

Like most abstract concepts, freedom is by nature very subjective. What do you mean when you say you are free? What does anybody mean when they say India gained freedom in 1947? Is freedom really absolute? Freedom is very relative. It implies that you have the opportunity to make a choice that you couldn’t earlier.

You are as free as you are willing to be. We are not really free, we are creatures of convenience. Do we have to courage to be completely independent? Would we want to? We curb our own freedoms in exchange of security. A fantastic example of this is airport security. We have exchanged travelling freely within the country for a false sense of safety.

India gained independence in the August of 1947. What did we do? We sent back the white sahibs but before long, we had replaced them with brown sahibs; and they still exist, controlling the nation at whim. You are free to eat, breathe and drink (non alcoholic beverages only), but are you really free to do what you would want to do inside the depths of your heart? Won’t you be judged by society which wishes to curb your freedom to maintain uniformity? And you allow it to do so.

And lastly, we always make the mistake of forgetting that freedom, is never free. You fight for it and you can never really stop. You never should. Your freedom is worth fighting for. It is even worth dying for.


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