The only claim I make is that I am the best male writer in my family who uses the internet other than for checking emails and cricinfo; a fact that will soon change when my father discovers wordpress.

I started this blog in the hopes of eventually attracting millions of readers with my witty observations and a quirky take on all the world had to offer. Looking at the unflattering views per day graph on my dashboard, I estimate that it will take 13225 years for this blog to get a million hits. Hence I would have to resort to some shameless google-baiting by frequently mentioning nude girls and referring to porn.

Religion (the lack of it), Mumbai, USA, Politics, tabloids and WTFs are the topics I usually write about along with some short short stories.

As far as my parents are concerned, I am just another stereotypical Tam-Bram working in the US. I just try not to disappoint them that often.