The Day I Die

The day I die

Be it with a Bang

Or more likely, a whimper

I ask only this

Don’t mourn that I am gone

Be happy that I was.


The day I die

Take for the needy

My eyes, my kidneys

My heart and lungs

Take all you can

I won’t need them anymore.


The day I die

Use all the money left

It won’t be much

For every cent saved

Means I worked more

Than I ever needed.


The day I die

Gather all my cronies

Keep a picture of me

And drink to the good times

And times that were bad

When we were together.


The day I die

Laugh and be merry

Celebrate a life

That was complete in every way

The tears that might be shed

Be bittersweet, not sad.


The day I die

Bury what’s left

Plant a tree

Fertilized by me

So what’s left behind

Can flourish and give hope.


The day I die

And you plant the tree

Put it on a hill

With a view of the sky

That’s where we are from

And where we will reach.


The day I die

As I cease to be

Don’t feed lies to kids

About better places

About angels and Gods

Tell them instead, about eternity.


The day I die

Waste not a prayer

Or a breath on sorrow

All I ask, all I need

Look at my tree

And remember me.


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One response to “The Day I Die

  1. very good poem. do not teach kids about angels n other BS is a very nice way of stating it…

    ‘when you go out with a whimper’, will you be reminded of the american horror story? is the real question.

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