Here’s To The Underdogs

What is it about us that makes some of us root for the underdog? We love to see a good upset. Your heart jumps when a team like Bangladesh upsets Australia or when Ireland pull one over Pakistan in cricket. Or when Wigan Athletic pulls off an unlikely victory over Manchester United.

But why sport? Even a story of a lone man winning a hard court battle against a mega corporation makes you smile. It is because deep down, we see ourselves as that lone man. Like that small team or that lone ranger – doomed to fail 9 times out of 10, if not 99 times out of a 100, you live in the hope of that one elusive win, for that day your heart soars high above. Nothing can stop you.

It is what being human is about. Always on the verge of being crushed, you fight back and throw off the world and claim your place under the sun. Here’s to the underdogs. They remind us daily that life is worth fighting for.





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2 responses to “Here’s To The Underdogs

  1. I relate to this, but I actually find myself rooting for the “overdog” more often, even if I’m trying not to. It’s always happened – Brazil in the World Cup, Roger Federer (Pete Sampras before him), Manchester United, Michael Schumacher, Usain Bolt. I find myself drawn to the best.

    • But you can’t deny there is something magical about an unexpected result. When a team refuses to give up and everyone plays with all their heart and wins against the odds, it always makes me happy. I remember Senegal against France in the 2002 World Cup or Denmark winning the 1992 Euro against Germany.

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