City In Sunshine

You never appreciate something unless you spend time away from it. It may be a friend, your parents or a collection of books. In Seattle, where the weather usually nine months of cloud, the thing I miss the most is sunshine.

To be honest, Seattle is not as depressing as people make it out to be. It does rain every so often but I have no reason to go crazy or kill myself. Sure it could use a little warmth but that only applies to the weather. Seattle is warm and welcoming. After spending time in the deep South where every state is solid red, it feels good to come to a liberal state.

When it’s sunny outside, the city comes to life. The shorts are out, people mill about taking walks, biking or simply take in the much needed UV radiation. It is a gorgeous place and it’s a crying shame if one has to remain indoors on a day like this.

Another one of my favourite sights is the imposing Mount Rainier. A dormant, snow-covered volcano, it is easily visible from anywhere around Seattle and looks intimidating. It has become a familiar sight but it is only visible on those rare cloudless days and this makes it all the more special. To prove my point, I will leave this right here


Tomorrow is another sunny day out. Perfect weather to complete my first half-marathon. See you at the finish line.





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2 responses to “City In Sunshine

  1. Preeti

    šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ All the very best for your first half marathon!

  2. randomabstractions

    You’ve got voicemail! I hope it went well! šŸ˜€

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