When You Get Lazy

This post is more of an attempt to keep the habit going rather than succumb to a lazy weekend. There are several words that begin with “L”. Life, love, luck, and so on but I choose “lazy” because that’s how I feel right now.

I don’t want to write which is why I have told myself that it’s just one of those days. Because of this, I have convinced myself that I cannot do justice to any topic that I can think of tonight.

And somehow, I just can’t. Maybe it is the effect of doing nothing significant during the day except some heavy furniture lifting. More likely it’s a classic case of writer’s block. You feel something that you write is terrible before you write it. All that is just in my mind of course. I am just feeling too lethargic to write something good.

As a result of all this musing, I have managed to write a post that exceeds 200 words and I have created a nice little paradox. I am feeling too lazy to write about anything, so I write about laziness. But by doing so, I have written about something. As a result, perhaps I am not that lazy after all and I just might be able to do justice to another topic. But I am too lazy to indulge in speculation at this point.

Good night.



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