A Few Thoughts On Freedom

Like most abstract concepts, freedom is by nature very subjective. What do you mean when you say you are free? What does anybody mean when they say India gained freedom in 1947? Is freedom really absolute? Freedom is very relative. It implies that you have the opportunity to make a choice that you couldn’t earlier.

You are as free as you are willing to be. We are not really free, we are creatures of convenience. Do we have to courage to be completely independent? Would we want to? We curb our own freedoms in exchange of security. A fantastic example of this is airport security. We have exchanged travelling freely within the country for a false sense of safety.

India gained independence in the August of 1947. What did we do? We sent back the white sahibs but before long, we had replaced them with brown sahibs; and they still exist, controlling the nation at whim. You are free to eat, breathe and drink (non alcoholic beverages only), but are you really free to do what you would want to do inside the depths of your heart? Won’t you be judged by society which wishes to curb your freedom to maintain uniformity? And you allow it to do so.

And lastly, we always make the mistake of forgetting that freedom, is never free. You fight for it and you can never really stop. You never should. Your freedom is worth fighting for. It is even worth dying for.



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