Does Drinking Enhance Creativity?

Christopher Hitchens, in his own words, usually used to have enough alcohol in his system to stun the average mule. He claimed that it enhanced his creativity. Not quite being in his league, I often wonder if this claim is correct.

I will attempt to put this to test by slowly consuming alcohol till the time I become incoherent.

Considering the fact that I am also with friends, today I shall just be posting random thoughts.

–ย  The good kind of whiskey never gives you a headache in the morning. Vodka always does.

– When it comes to public transport in India, women have it bad.

– I am not used to eating chicken. Humanity survived because humans learned how to hunt. But now, we can choose not to eat meat and still survive. Eat what you will. I will not judge you.

– The number of fucks given is inversely proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed.ย 

– Captain Ahab epitomizes obsession. Is such an obsession good our bad? Moby Dick still remains one of the greatest novels ever written.

– A salute to everyone who wants to be an IAS Officer. It’s a thankless job but I thank you.

– The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a bad novel. The movie is worse.

– It was in an Ajay Devgan movie where he tells Manisha Koirala that
Marriage is where you get society’s permission to live together. I agree.

– The best whiskey I have had is Johnnie Walker Black Label.

– Apartments are expensive. But money is nothing. Relationships are everything.

-But are achievements more important than relationships?

-If you don’t appreciate Black Friday, I don’t have words to express my disappointment in you.

– Love your parents. Nobody but them will love you unconditionally.

– If you see a eunuch, pay her. They cant make a living like the rest of us because society is prejudiced against them.

– I love hearing strangers speaking in Marathi. It reminds me of home.

– Nostalgia is a combination of the words Nostos which means a return home and Alogos, which means pain. Latin or Greek, I am confused.

– That’s all for the night.



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5 responses to “Does Drinking Enhance Creativity?

  1. yamini

    I quite liked lisbeth salander’s character, despite being one dimensional.
    So i took offense on the bad novel part. May be the plotting was loose, but bad ????

    • We have a character who is a genius, survives headshots, can beat up people who are twice her size AND is a genius hacker. I find the odds impossibly skewed in her favour. Too far fetched for me, I am afraid.

  2. Preeti

    Random posts are good ๐Ÿ™‚


    i really liked this post….not too grave yet very thoughtful!!!! Keep them coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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