Bottom’s Up

Some time ago, I wrote this to express my incredulity that the Maharashtra government was planning to raise the legal drinking age from  21 to 25. Apparently, they have succeeded.

Minister for de-addiction (yes, I am still amazed that such a position exists) Mr. Shivaji Moghe seems to have pushed the legistlation through. The state’s Chief Minister Mr. Prithviraj Chavan apparently says that this is not an attempt at moral policing and that liquor consumption stresses the health system and destroys families.

In a time when every decision is politically and not altruistically motivated, I wonder who exactly this decision is meant to appease.

While I agree that rules in India don’t mean anything and that anyone who wants liquor will get it, on principle I feel insulted. By all means issue warnings against alcohol consumption and campaign against it but please do not presume to tell us what we should do. Respect for freedom of choice is not one of Indian politician’s strong points as this law clearly demonstrates.

Well I suppose I feel worse for the residents of Mizoram and Gujarat who can’t drink irrespective of what age they are. In this case, I suppose the governments of those states can surely take lessons in maturity from Mr. Chavan and co.


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