A Bit of Royal Bullshit

Well here we are again. Almost 30 years after the sickening sight of millions of people waving and cheering at the nuptials of an unqualified, spoilt man who was born not only with the silver spoon, but with an entire cutlery set to his name, we see it happen all over again.

35% of Britain will watch “Prince” William marry Kate Middleton in what many people dreamily describe as “a fairytale romance”. Beyond the kaleidescope of colour and fanfare, the hopeless romantics ignore the most pertinent issue. The question of why millions of people are celebrating the wedding of someone, who might have ended up as a dock worker were he not born in the royal family, does not seem to strike a chord with anyone.

Britain’s royal family are the nearest equivalents of vampires in modern society. These chosen few, who have achieved almost nothing on their own merit, survive and thrive because people cling on to romantic disney tales of kings and queens and princes. What the people do not realize is that these utterly shameless individuals are sucking dry the coffers of the government to which the bourgeoisie pay their hard earned tax money.

It is a time when the most severe austerity measures are being taken by the British government. One in every five public workers in Britain will lose his or her job. Pensions for the old, disabled and war veterans are being alarmingly slashed. At a time like this, the British government has the audacity to waste 30 million pounds on this sideshow which will portray the glory of the middle ages.

But it makes people feel good. It allows emotional girls cling on to the hope that one day, they too might be swept off their feet by a prince. It makes the ignorant happy that they have a role model to look up to, someone who cares for them, someone to protect them.

It makes the sensible despair.

Royal wedding? It is just about time the royal family stop pretending they are special. They have achieved next to nothing on their own merit. Let them do something noteworthy without using their names and then we will talk.

Till then, this wedding is just royal bullshit.



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8 responses to “A Bit of Royal Bullshit

  1. Preeti

    all that is agreeable but them being the “royal family” irrespective of what they do, noteworthy or not, the “royal family” image will keep asserting itself..even if they did not use the name so.

    and people need something to cling onto..ignorant they are yes..but as long as this makes them forget their actual life worries, they are more than happy to feel the happiness albeit vicariously…

    • So you are suggesting that people should actually forget their real life worries and instead focus on fantasies of kings and queens? The right to lead has to be earned and not passed. They are the “royal family” because the sheep are too stupid to realize that they are more powerful than the masters

      • Preeti

        No, I do not suggest that..but there are people who will live in this manner..it isn’t logical of course but that’s the way they are.

        And I meant the name they have by the fact that they are descendants of the original royal family, all that usage of tax for such lavish splendour unacceptable.

        And they do not lead now,do they? Its just the title that they retain, nothing more, right?

  2. It is a titular position. But if they are contributing nothing, then why have them there and revere them?

    • Preeti

      People will always revere a person with power and fame irrespective of whether they’re contributing something or no. And the position is just a name, isn’t it? what’s the point of it not being there too? its something they’ve had for years and it continues to be so.

      • Revering for an achievement is something. Being born rich is nothing great and people are stupid if they think otherwise.

        This is no different that people from reserved categories receiving special privileges

  3. Preeti

    As much as that is a lost cause and continues to exist, so will this. Nothing much you can do about it.

  4. Completely agree.
    Ignorance is bliss.
    One gets lucky to be born a heir or a heiress. And the rest tamasha follows.

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