“For fuck’s sake settle down!”, I shouted across at Perry, “Pacing around this cell isn’t going to help us one bit.”

Perry didn’t stop. Not that I expected him to. It was his first time in. Me, I couldn’t believe they caught up with me. My daring escape from the first prison hadn’t taught me anything it seemed. The same nameless bastards had got me. There was no trial and for a country that prided on civil rights, I felt hard done. Not once but twice I was put in the slammer for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Perry asked me, “Hey Mason! How long are we in?”

I sighed, “First stop calling me Mason. That’s just the name those cocksuckers outside have given me. I am no more Mason than you are Perry. And get used to this place. You will either escape or die and rot here.” His face sank.

I didn’t mean to sound gruff. Perry was just a kid but I had to make him realize how much shit we were in. Kindness would get him nowhere in here. If I escaped, I would make sure they never caught up with me again. I would go south. Nicaragua sounded like a good place. I might even have some family there but screw them. I was never going to go anywhere they could find me. No sir, I was going to live alone.

But first things first. I had to calm Perry down and let him know what I had planned. It would take patience. I had seen all of this before. They would be careful at first and handle us with kid gloves. They didn’t want suicides. But give them a few weeks and they would get careless, they always did. That’s when we would take our chance.

I had hoped there will be a few trainees among our captors or the problem would have been enormously difficult. Thankfully there was a new kid who was being trained. It would have to be him. Violence was never my thing but there was no way I was sticking around here. I would fight and I didn’t care how much blood was spilled. Freedom was too precious to pass up.

Perry had become quiet. I turned to him and told him the plan. He agreed to be a little less excited about it. The more docile he was, the sooner people would let down their guard. The long wait began……………

Who said a parrot couldn’t make plans?



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3 responses to “Prisoners

  1. Loved it! Brilliant 😀

  2. Preeti

    *both eyebrows raised in amazement* ahuh! nice one!

  3. parinita ayya

    A good one after a long tym!

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