Fall break called for a trip to the historic city of Savannah on the East Coast. I was walking through a park and I was wearing my Beatles t-shirt. Savannah is the kind of place where you find musicians playing soulful renditions on street corners and there was one such tuba player in that park.

He was playing an old blues tune when he spotted me, looked at my t-shirt, stopped playing the blues and started playing Norwegian Wood. I recognized the tune, turned without stopping and waved a thanks to him. He nodded and as I started to go out of earshot, he went back to his blues.

For just a 10 seconds, we connected and it made my day.



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4 responses to “Connection

  1. Preeti

    🙂 🙂

  2. alostdiscoverer

    small instances make good our lives.
    brings a smile on the face. 🙂

  3. randomabstractions

    Connections are magical. The place you describe seems to have a rustic feel to it.

  4. Karishma

    Music has this special power of connecting. So are these blogs. I read this post just for 10 seconds and it made my day….very nice read.

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