Licence to Drink

This is just unbelievable. The government wants to raise the already high drinking age limit from 21 to 25 in Mumbai? Delhi was bad enough.

So apparently, one is old enough to make the most important decision on marriage, before one can take a sip of Romanov. Forget marriage. A person is mature enough to make an informed decision as to who will have the honour of serving our country in the parliament but that same person is not mature enough to decide whether he or she wants to consume alcohol?

The government really must get its act together and get rid of all this hypocrisy. By all means increase the penalties for drunk driving. I would be glad to see people who drive drunk getting their licenses suspended for at least a year after having to pay a fine of 10,000 Rs. They would deserve it as they are dangerous to pedestrians, street dwellers and other vehicles. But don’t carry on with this rubbish of banning alcohol from being served within one km of religious places. This is India. Every street corner is a religious place.

And the minister for de-addiction (there really is such a post!) should focus on getting rid of harmful country made liquor. It poses a higher risk than the one we get in restaurants and pubs.

There seems to be no end to all this needless moral policing. Who gives the government the right to ban liquor at public functions? Why should one not be able to enjoy a drink at a wedding?

College students consume liquor out of fashion? How stupid! thank you captain obvious! Of course they do! Nobody needs to drink alcohol. Students are not mindless alcohol addicts. And most students are not foolish enough to drive while completely stoned. Some may do that, which is where the severe punishments come in to act as a warning to others.

Please stop wasting your time on such meaningless issues. You were elected to provide safety, security, food, clothing and shelter to us and the state’s poor. You were not elected to impose your antiquated and misguided views on our society.



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2 responses to “Licence to Drink

  1. I agree with your post! This is pure hypocrisy!

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