Found in the Wallet

As is the case every few months, I engaged in a bout of wallet purging. Apart from some random credit cards and cash I found the following:

* A Delta Skymiles card

* The very first dollar I earned

* Three American quarters, a Canadian quarter, two 5nickels and a dime

* A ticket stub for ‘Inception’

* A receipt from ‘Everest on Grand’, a delightful Nepalese restaurant I visited a couple of weeks ago

* My membership card for the India Club at Georgia Tech (that’s 20 dollars wasted)

* My Georgia Tech ID and the envelope it came in

* A scrap of paper which served as my contact list in the pre cellphone days in America

* A card which allows me to download one free song on iTunes

* A receipt from Walmart

* My Indian driver’s licence

* A one rupee coin

* A couple of random business cards

* A 1999 card calender with a picture of Goddess Lakshmi on it

* The access card for my hostel



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4 responses to “Found in the Wallet

  1. randomabstractions

    Everest on grand sounds like an interesting place. Just one song really ?

  2. Dimple

    Ah! So cool 😀
    All the things close to your heart : one rupee coin, your first dollar earned.. very nice 🙂

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