The Thunderstorm

The distant rumbling woke me up.

Lightning seared the sky and the thunder was loud enough for me to imagine that the world was slowly being torn apart by immense hands.

Not for the first time, I felt scared.

The window was open. The rain was carried in by the wind and it was leaving a huge puddle in the carpet. Nanny was going to be very angry tomorrow.

I suppose I should have gone over and shut the window, but I couldn’t think of walking across that dark room, all the way to the window at the opposite end. I was scared of the monsters who were, I was sure, lurking under my bed night after night; all in the hopes of catching me off my guard.

I pulled the blanket closer and curled myself up as tight as I could. Outside, the storm raged on louder than ever.

I wanted to call out to Mummy and Daddy but they were gone. They could not come back and hold me in my arms and smother me with their love. Daddy would never tuck me in to bed and Mummy would never come and wake me up with a hug again.

I was left with the nanny. I had no relatives left they said. So I was an orphan. And they sent me to live with the nanny. The nanny looked different every time and I could not remember her different names so I just called her Nanny.

Nanny did not seem to like me so much. I thought she felt I was useless. I just lazed around the whole day and stared out of the window, but I had lost so much. How could she not understand?

I suppose she was just paid to feed me and help me change my clothes.

A particularly loud crash outside made me jump. The wind had picked up and whooshed through the neighbourhood making an eerie sound. I crept still closer to the covers.

If only someone would walk in thorough the door and give me a hug. I would feel safe. I would feel wanted. But the people I loved the most were just memories and corpses now.

I felt lonely and small.

But I guessed it would be over soon. One day the monsters would get me and I would have no choice but to go and meet Mummy and Daddy.

I would like that.

After all, who in the world has time for an 80 year old?



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16 responses to “The Thunderstorm

  1. shrilata

    nice one.. 😀

  2. Brilliant.
    Was thinking of writing a story on the same theme as well, but couldn’t seem to come up with the right mood. This did just splendidly!

    I sure hope you pen down short stories more often.

  3. randomabstractions

    Poignant. The narrative is very effective.
    Keep em’ coming !

  4. pari

    a nice short story after a long tym.

  5. pari

    for some reaon reminded me of amitabh’s character in PAA

  6. Dimple

    Loved it 😀

  7. A certain Asimov inspired sci fi is it?
    To put it subtly, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. 😛

  8. Well, of course.

    Independent is good btw. Spent the last hour and a half there. Many thanks 🙂
    This one article blew my mind away. Give it a read when you have time.

  9. Preeti

    Nice 😀
    Asimov kind would be wonderful. Its ages since i read asimov to think of it.
    Waiting for the next one

  10. You can say that again.
    Arre, I mean. I knew these kind of things happened.My dad worked in Sudan for 4 years re. And all these bangladeshi guys used to be cleaners there. So my dad would talk to them in bengali and things. Same case there. More money promised, passport seized, in debt back home, no way to return. This world is swallowed in greed I tell you.

    This article is much more hitting if you have ever been to dubai.
    Ironically enough,the time i went 4 years back, the first thing i noticed about the city was fake trees. 😛

    • Hard to imagine real trees there! Honestly I didn’t know anything about Dubai except what the ads say till I read the article. Read Robert Fisk yet?

  11. I have not read enough of Robert Fisk yet. Just a thing or two. Today maybe 🙂

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