Sardar Patel College of Engineering finally has got autonomy according to this report on The Times of India website.

Congratulations are definitely in order.

I notice that the college has, sometime in the past, registered www.spce.edu

The WTF is that in the banner containing the logo of SPCE, there is also a picture of two girls. The two girls are clearly East Asian and have never been anywhere near SPCE (I hope I am right on this!).




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5 responses to “SPCE WTF!

  1. spce.edu is an old site methinks.
    spce.ac.in is the one updated more regularly.

    But I’m still not sure of the Autonomy is a good thing or not. I mean, this mostly means more power to teachers. And that prospect is just horrid.

    When college reopens, we shall find out. Here’s to hoping exams are not one month long anymore 🙂

    • Exams will surely be short and the results will take at max a week to come out. They are planning to have reexam within 15 days of results being declared so no KT fnda also. Well this might be implemented gradually.

      More power to teachers is scary but there needs to be greater transparency in the marking scheme also.

  2. Greater transparency in the marking scheme should seriously be in order. There have been far too many nuisances because of it.

    Shorter exams schedule and longer breaks are more than welcome. Cutting out of the entire KT ruckus will just be the icing on the cake.
    Though I surely don’t hope that after all this, they send of exisiting batches without an MU degree. I don’t think a degree from SPCE will uplhold as much value or weightage as an MU degree would.

    • I hear from a very reliable source, well the Trical HOD, that they want to give out degrees initially that say SPCE and MU or some such thing. They want to implement it for even the current batches.

      The thing is initially they will continue with MU setting the papers and exam schedule following Mu but results will be declared much earlier. However re-exam will be as and when MU wants to hold it. The good thing is people can get their papers immediately and reval will be swift. Its a good start I think. Slow and steady.

  3. Indeed. I think a swift change into a completely new system will send most of the crowd in a tizzy.
    As long as the slow and steady is heading in a good positive direction, all will be good 🙂

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