Mr. Mudaliar’s Gem of a Website

Just when you think casteism should be on the decline among the younger generation who are exposed to mass media like the internet, you get a rude shock in the form of a website like this one.

To be very honest, I am completely ignorant of what status the Mudaliar community occupied/occupies in Tamil society. Mr. Mudaliar obviously feels strongly about the fact that Brahmins are held responsible for perpetrating the caste system. He says that the Brahmins were merely immigrants who were invited by the “dominant community of rich and landed Arcot Mudiliars (who) lived in a nearby locality”.

In an entry on Brahmins, he comes up with these dubious paragraphs –

Many people believe that fair skin itself means beauty. An individual in any caste can be fair-skinned. The skin-colour of Caucasians (Europeans/Western/Central Asians) varies from absolute white to jet black. What differentiates individuals of different castes and races is facial features and not skin-colour. Note that the fairest individuals belonging to the Mongoloid race that is considered inferior to the Caucasian race due to their flat noses and faces, two-folded eyelids, are fairer in complexion than even the fairest European. Also note that a monkey beneath its body hair is atleast as fair-skinned as an average European but what distinguishes monkeys from humans is facial features and not skin-colour. Simply put, race/caste has no correlation with skin-colour. What should be noted here is that genetic drift can cause a change in facial features.

Many a laymen even believe that north Indians are the best-looking in India just because they are predominantly fairer-skinned. Think again! This is entirely false as the J haplogroup which defines beauty, is only found in negligible percentages in all of the north Indian castes. This too can be easily made out by an intelligent observer. It should also be noted that Mudaliars have high, oval-shaped faces with sharp and comely Mediterranean facial features indeed befitting a truly noble class while Brahmins predominantly have short, small and relatively rounder skulls with bland facial features due to the common R1a1 haplogroup.

Also read the preposterous table of comparisons between Brahmins and Mudiliars .

Brahmins are called the highest caste only due to reverence, have unsofisticated [sic] features and are cowardly but Mudaliars are the actual highest caste and superior in every parameter, to all other high castes by miles, have sofisticated [sic] features and are brave.

While I am sure that the Mudiliar community was made up of some wonderful people who were natural leaders and were very wealthy, I am outraged by Mr. Mudaliar’s claim that they are superior in every parameter to all other high castes by miles.

What pray are these parameters which are used to judge how any person is superior to any other?

Is it wealth? Oh wait! There are rich people in every community. Is it beauty? I don’t see what caste has to do with that or any other parameter for that matter.

There was another man who had similar thoughts in the 1930s and 1940s. Though I am not branding Mr. Mudaliar a Nazi, I just want to point out that ideas like these should have been consigned to the rubbish bin of history.

Only individual persons stand out in a crowd and not communities. I am extremely sorry that Brahmins have usurped your community’s rightful place as the enforcers of the caste system. After all, your own painstaking research has proved that while Brahmins only practise untouchability by just staying away from untouchables to maintain their own purity, Mudaliars outside Chennai not only practise untouchability to maintain purity but also discriminate untouchables by the two-tumbler system, prevention of temple entry, etc. But I want to ask you if today this point is relevant at all?

Is this valueless expenditure of effort an example of the hidden desire of every young Indian? To prove that his or her caste is the best or was the most powerful? I sincerely hope not.


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6 responses to “Mr. Mudaliar’s Gem of a Website

  1. Preeti

    “while Brahmins only practise untouchability by just staying away …”
    this whole paragraph isn’t something to be proud of ,even worse as a point of distinction.
    The caste system was much different in the earlier days. Anyone was allowed to choose what caste they wished to belong to, people who were guilty of a crime were to be a part of the shudra caste as punishment. This degenerated into something worse, 4 dividing into God knows how many..

    Now, I doubt any of the younger generation actually bother to emphasize the caste they are a part of and it is better that way ,as you said “Only individual persons stand out in a crowd and not communities.”

    In this age, to find something like this is indeed painful and I hope this isn’t the mentality of too many people..

    • I honestly didn’t know that’s how people were grouped into castes. Much googling is to be done now!

      • Preeti

        one mistake…those guilty of a crime were lablled untouchables or belonging to lower caste not shudra…thats what I recall reading somewhere

  2. randomabstractions

    Wherever you found the website – wtf is t he distinguish table ! The most preposterous thing I’ve ever seen ! Someone ban this site and take this guy to an asylum. A mind that breeds such thoughts must not wander free.
    Again- a very informative read (considering I’ve lot of TamBram friends – I can get more judgemental eh ? :P).

  3. Saddened not surprised.We cosmopolitan buggers should never generalize our living to the rest of the country.Casteism is rampant.Even among our generation.
    A person stands out and not the community.Very true.India can never do well in a team sport.We are never raised as one.Right from our schooling.We are factions living together.For now our biggest liability but trust me, when worked on, this quality can grow to a strong asset.

    • Its not a question of being cosmopolitan. It is rampant even among people who live in Mumbai. I have seen it myself. Lets face it, there is a little dirty racist inside all of us. Its ingrained in our psyche. We just have to be careful not to pass it along to the next generation.

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