The Dogs of War

In his novel The Dogs of War which came out in 1974, Frederick Forsyth tells the story of a rich businessman in England who hires a mercenary named Cat Shannon to stage a coup in an African nation which has a ten billion dollar platinum deposit. He wants Cat to take out the ruler and install a puppet regime which would grant his company the exclusive rights to mine in the country.

A story like that is very likely to be true in Africa where coups are ten a penny. Indeed the book itself has been based around a coup in Equitorial Guinea and there were allegations that Forsyth was behind the attempt.

No one raises an eyebrow when you read about a coup in an unheard of African nation where rich mineral deposits are “suddenly discovered” and a major multinational company is awarded the rights to exploit these deposits.

Then what can one make of this piece of news that mineral deposits worth one trillion dollars were recently “discovered” in Afghanistan by the US  government? Isn’t what happened in Afghanistan merely a coup just made to look like the Jesus Christ sanctioned “War Against Terror”? Not to mention that a puppet regime is already in place and ready to award the mining contracts to American and British companies in which key proponents of the war hold major stakes.

In his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, filmmaker Michael Moore points out that as soon as the US gained control over Afghanistan, a natural gas pipeline was built from Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean. Also, once the US gained control of Iraq, oilfield services company Halliburton was awarded what was essentially a no-bid contract to plan oil well fire fighting in Iraq. Of course under the contract, Halliburton could also pump and distribute Iraqi oil.

For the clueless, President George Bush’s vice president Dick Cheney was the chairman and CEO of Halliburton during the Clinton administration and had major interests in the company during the war. George Bush also has interests in Halliburton as Dresser Industries, where he held several positions, merged with Halliburton in the 1990s.

It is just a matter of time before a company with some secret and some not so secret links to American politicians will be awarded contracts to start mining in Afghanistan. In the meantime several hundred more American soldiers and thousands of civilians will die for a war they did not want and did not really need while the ignorant American masses will continue to be delusional about the real purpose of these wars and America’s supposed role as the guardians of the free world.

All for a few dollars more.


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  1. There’s always somthn out there u didnt knw whn it comes to such issues…n its always an interesting read that its such a huge nexus out there.
    Keep more such posts coming. Ever since my first MUN whn i discovered my interest in more global issues-such reads have just proved far more interesting. I was quite ignorant for my life before that.

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