Let me Make My Own Decisions

Going back to the time when you are growing up, did you not hate it when your parents insisted on doing some things for you which you were perfectly capable of doing yourself? Their advice is appreciated and yet one can never learn too much from someone else’s experiences. If we could all do that, we would probably not have most of the problems we face in society today.

So when the government decides to go ahead and impose arbitrary restrictions on things we can or cannot do, it gets very annoying. Case in point is the age at which a person can get married. I don’t know what the right age is to get married, but how ridiculous is it to have different ages at which guys and girls can marry? Is there any reason why girls can get married at 18 but guys cannot before they turn 21?

And what about the legal drinking age? Again there should be a minimum age keeping in mind the ability or rather disability to handle alcohol of a young person’s body to handle alcohol, but why is it 25 years in Delhi? And why is there prohibition in Gujarat, Manipur and Mizoram? Are the authorities not aware that banning something only creates a huge black market for that item? And it is not as though anyone follows the rules regarding the drinking age.

Ridiculous also is the ban on gambling in India. Please let me do what I want with my money. Illegal gambling dens flourish all over the country and legalizing and taxing them would eliminate the underworld’s grip over them and would earn crores in revenue for the government. And why are Goa and Sikkim spared when it comes to the ban I wonder.

There are several other things I can talk about like prostitution, etc. but I will leave it at that. The government unsuccessfully tries to do things which are “for our own good”. While I appreciate their concern, I would just like to tell the powers that be that I am an adult, leave me alone.



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5 responses to “Let me Make My Own Decisions

  1. Preeti

    These are moral decisions that as an individual adult we should be given a choice to take…and the government is just being stupid in trying to act as though they know better..until it realizes this, I guess our country will be in a sorry state.

  2. Dimple

    About the marriage thing, I like the law. I agree that child marriages still happen in the country (illegally), but people KNOW that it’s illegal..

    Girls should NOT be married off before the age of 18 and boys, well if it weren’t for the 21 age bar, many many females would’ve either been divorced, or worst just left to rot in a corner after both of them marrying at the age of 18.

    So some things are not necessarily bad.

    Age of 21 for drinking is ridiculous, coz we all know people start drinking at 18 itself.. and yes it shouldn’t be banned.. but they think if they lead people into the “fear” of doing something illegal, it may not be such a bad thing after all..

    The fear however, just refuses to exist because of bribery.

    • What about unwanted pregnancies in women when the guy is below 21? What if they want to get married but cannot thanks to the law? Of course this can and has happened when the girl is below 18 too.

      But the decision should be left on they people as to when they can marry. The age 21 is just arbitrary. Why is it not 25 then for guys? By your arguement there would be even less chances of a divorce then surely?

  3. I agree with your views that most of these numbers do not make sense. It’s for the individual to decide what he wants to.

    These rules are just guidelines for the people who are incapable of making a wise decision for themselves. Most sound people would not get married before 23 anyways.

    About the gambling thing, i think the country is not legalising it on the cultural grounds rather than monetary grounds. If these things are legalised, there will be a huge media outcry about declining cultural values.

    • In fact more than a media outcry, there will be the usual moral police doing what they do best.

      The problem is that gambling for now in major areas of the country is controlled by the mafia and it is a very important business for them. The easiest way to cut them out is to legalize it. That way people who like to gamble can be much better off.

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