Be Serhiyass! – The Beginning

In our second year in SPCE, we had a certain annoying teacher. Divyanshu, as is the case with all teachers who do not really like him, went very early to get his journal corrected. Well, some people beat him to it and as was the typical case, the teacher began to give him some advice on the life, universe and everything.

He said, “You are not so Serhiyass. Why are you not so serhiyass?”

“That boy who came before you, he is verhy verhy serhiyass.”, he said pointing to a man who we will call Mr. Chewdiye

“And Saaju, earlier he was not so serhiyass, but now he is also verhy serhiyass!”

…….. so it continued.

That evening as Divyanshu told this to me, I asked him if it was time we took the teacher’s advice to “Be Serhiyass”. Well for those of us who don’t know us, in the fourth year we, along with Jinju and Deepu founded Project Fridays. So much for being serhiyass.

But somehow the phrase stuck in my mind.

So the other day I thought of making a blog where I would write about my views on politics, bureaucracy, maoism, in short “grown up stuff” and decided to call it “Be Serhiyass!”.

But I realized that the title itself would make it sound like a satire blog. So I reached a compromise by moving to this space. So I guess along with my usual nonsense posts, I will now find the time to write about the serious stuff too.

Thanks for still reading the extended history of “Be Serhiyass.” Now those in FE, SE and TE can go back to studies while the BE’s can celebrate Independence Day.



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7 responses to “Be Serhiyass! – The Beginning

  1. Preeti

    So you have FE readers too??? hmmm..
    now we have to sit and wonder why we never think of ‘serhiyass’ stuff… 😛

  2. Clevher hai yeh move sir ! 😛
    Just change the theme pleasjzz !!
    And let the non-sensical stuff come soon….you owe the blogtitle one…

  3. @ Preeti, I just assume some FEs who read you blog will be directed here!

    @ Shraddha, I know. I will come up with one soon.

  4. Preeti

    possible! if they are as inquisitive as I was when I found yours! 😀

  5. Haha. Lovely story.
    Absolutely adoring the way this blog is going.
    Keep it up. Shall make sure to give it a read regularly here on forth 🙂

  6. Just wrote and updated one yesterday. Give it a read if you can.
    And food posts will hopefully be diverted to a new food blog soon though. Lets see 🙂

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