IPL Whores Reach a New Low

Please. At least spare the Gods from the incessant whoring of cricket that has been the norm at IPL 3.

This tournament has been extremely disappointing. I am not a cricket fan. I could not care less about the Mumbai Indians or Deccan Chargers or the soon to be unveiled Pune Pussycats and Kochin Karelas (or Keralas if you will). But I care about the sanctity of any sport. In their quest to make as much money as possible from this cash cow, the promoters of the IPL have reached one low after the other quicker than Brett Lee’s yorkers.

A ball that crosses the boundary without touching the pitch is a six and NOT a DLF Maximum.

If a fielder catches the ball before it touches the ground its a catch and not a Karbon Kamaal Catch.

I can only thank the people in charge of football for not selling out to their sponsors. I shudder when I imagine the day a goal is a General electric Explosion or a free-kick a Ford Fusion kick.

And what the hell is the fascination with the “blimp”? This is a blimp. It moves on its own. It does not need to be tied to the stadium like this oversize balloon.



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2 responses to “IPL Whores Reach a New Low

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  2. I agree Karbon Kamaal catch and DLF maximum is slightly extending it a bit..There is certainly to learn from the Football counterparts.At the same time one needs to realize that T20/IPL was made with a purpose.A purpose purely to entertain.A true sport aficionado will never judge cricket on IPL/T20.

    Test cricket is still intact.Beautiful as always.The day Karbon and DLF enter there, is when we worry.

    Also, you might enjoy this.http://freakometer.wordpress.com/2010/04/02/to-the-commissioner/
    Cheers da.

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