Moral Character and Conduct

I recently received my Transfer Certificate from my college in Mumbai. After mentioning my name, course and grades, the certificate goes on to state that my moral character and conduct were good when I was a student of the college.


I find it very condescending on the part of the institute to make a judgement about my moral character and conduct. How does one judge that on the basis of the time I have spent in class and practicals anyway? This is just an archaic pronouncement which must be done away with.

Shouldn’t colleges remain purely professional and leave the issue of morals and characters to people who are better equipped to address them?



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12 responses to “Moral Character and Conduct

  1. woho !! Too many things archaic must be done away with…

  2. As Shraddha said, there are a lot many primitives that needs to be done with..I personally have a huge problem with paper and any work that involves paper…
    But I guess the certificate was talking about your moral conduct in college..And we have spent way loads of time during those four years in college than we did at home..Sufficient enough to pass basic judgement I guess..
    You will accede when my certificate certainly won’t emulate yours..:P

  3. When the same was given by my junior college where I barely spent any time, it made no sense…and no certificate makes sense nowadays,it can be bought to say what you wish it to say..

  4. The real problem is we don’t want to grow outta things…

    @ Anna.Rohit – please be okay with the fact that the world thinks you’re morally okay bullshit as your certi might read. The people who matter know the real scene. Why care so much ?? Isnt it for them to care… 😛 😛

  5. Rohit

    @ Anna
    I have spent sufficient time in front of my teachers. i will accept it if THEY have any say in issuing a certificate for good moral conduct. But surely not the office.

    @ Shraddha
    Which is precisely why I don’t understand the need for our college to issue one

  6. i think its a truckload of crap!
    Character evaluations are not something to be handed down on whims and fancies. and i certainly would have a problem being judged by anyone less than perfect.

  7. Bharath

    Well, you have not, to the best of my knowledge:
    1. Stolen college property – ancient benches, dusty fans, the pentium II processors with windows 95 still running on them, etc.
    2. Distributed drugs and adult on campus to kids from Wadia
    3. Raped/molested females, others and the general fauna on campus
    4. Run a trafficking racket in the empty classrooms after dusk.

    In effect, you have finished your studies fast and gotten the heck out of SPCE. Of course, you may have indulged in any or all of the above mentioned misdeeds out of campus, but in your capacity as an SPCE student you qualify to be labeled as a morally good person.


  8. Bharath

    I meant adult cds in point number 2.

  9. Bharath

    And may I add,

    You have not to the best of my knowledge, done:
    6. A ‘Borat and Azamat’ with any of Divyanshu, Deepak, etc. on a meeting held by the National Board of Accreditation, or even in an everyday lecture.

  10. Rohit

    @ Bharath

    If I did any of those, not only would I not get a certificate for good moral character and conduct but also be denied the legitimately earned BE degree.

    Not to mention the fact that I would be nowhere near Georgia Tech and you would never have seen Borat and Azamat indulging in any of their disgusting gymnastics.

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