About Groups

Since the time of Ogg the Neanderthal, humans have felt the need to belong to groups. The herd mentality as it is termed. Its not so bad. In fact it makes a lot of sense to stick to others. United we stand, divided we fall. If we were lonely nomads, we would have died off long ago. The question that begs to be answered is, how do we choose which groups we belong to? Safety? Some common bond? Love for something?

But we cannot always choose to be a part of a group. A person who is born Chinese does not have any choice in the matter. He will look like other Chinese people, will speak in Chinese and in general would feel more comfortable with people who look, talk and behave like him. This is the case with everyone.

So it boggles my mind when people come up with crazy groups on facebook like “I’m from Mumbai. That automatically makes me 10 times cooler than you.” The response to this would be a similar group for Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. How does the fact that your parents or grandparents decided to settle down in Mumbai and had kids make you cool? You had no choice in this. I understand people who support football clubs and the like joining their groups because they consciously take the decision to be a part of something. But for the rest of us who think we are cooler than someone else just because we are from XYZ place or speak ABC language, wake up guys, its really lame.


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2 responses to “About Groups

  1. Shraddha Shah

    well the concept of groups applies at lot of levels in life – and the difference in being able to be a part of a certain group and not being is at most times trying to be yourself and staying that way…

  2. rucha

    couldnt agree more..

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