The Global Soap Project

As part of a management course I take at Tech, I get to attend talks by some very interesting people every week. CEOs of companies talk about leadership, entrepreneurship, their own companies and struggles. Today, I had the privilege of listening to Mr. Derreck Kayongo.

Mr. Kayongo is the founder of the Global Soap Project. The idea of the project is simple. For people around the world who live on less than 1$ a day, soap is a luxury they cannot afford. If they had access to soap, the risk of people in underdeveloped countries catching infectious diseases would decrease by half. Every day, hotels around the world throw away millions of bars of soap which have been used only once or twice. They replace them with new soap bars. What happens to the old ones? They are thrown in the trash. What the Global Soap Project does is ask the hotels to give them the soap bars which would otherwise be thrown. They melt the bars and recast them to remove what Mr. Kayongo describes as the “yuck” factor. Then they ship it to Africa.

The problem is the project is new and they need help and funds. Hopefully Mr. Kanyogo would be able to secure both soon because I think this is a brilliant idea. All the best to him. Long live the Global Soap Project.

P.S. I really think he should be on TED


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5 responses to “The Global Soap Project

  1. That is amazing.
    Just when you think everything has been said and done, someone comes up with something as simple and brilliant as this.
    Would love to see him on TED.

  2. Rohit

    Yeah. And the guy was an eloquent speaker. I love Georgia tech for this

  3. Super Nice.How I love ideas.
    Yes does seem a very bright TED prospect.And btw getting this TED India speaker to college.Mr Devdutt Pattanaik if you know.

  4. Hi there – I am one of the board members of the Global Soap Project and am glad you had the chance to see Derreck speak. His story is so compelling it defies one’s basic nature not to act. Thank you so much for spreading the word about our organization, and happily we will be getting our official paperwork from the IRS soon so we can begin raising funds and delivering more soap!

    And yes, the entire GSP team believes we will see Derreck at TED in the near future.

    Thanks again for your support!

  5. Rohit

    @ Beth

    Its a brilliant idea and I wish your organization all the very best!

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