The first Archimedes moment


This word has something to it doesn’t it? You wouldn’t ever say it out loud because you would sound too pretentious but it is the perfect word to describe a brainwave. One can almost imagine what Archimedes would have felt like.

If you are a quizzer and a there is a question on the screen which your team absolutely has to answer and you are chewing your lip and thinking hard, eliminating some answers and trying to test your guesses and suddenly it strikes you. You just know the answer you have on your mind is right. You practically shout it out, knowing fully well that you have won your team those crucial points. That is an Archimedes moment.

A look at a map of the USA suddenly reminded of my first Archimedes moment. Quizzing was always fun and there was this occasion when I was in competition for a chance to represent my school at a quiz. The prize was big and the competition was tough. There was a contest among the aspiring in which I ended up as a finalist along with another guy who had the reputation of being brilliant at quizzes. The teacher asked us one question after another and there was a tie, which naturally led to a tie breaker.

The question was, “Which American river takes its name from its original name Misha Sipokni, which means river beyond age?”

There was no time to think. If he answered correctly, he would win. I rolled the word around my mouth and suddenly had an image of Huckleberry Finn. That clinched it. I blurted out Mississippi and as it turned out, I was correct. That moment made my day. All I could think of after winning was going home and telling my parents how brilliantly I deduced it.

What happened in the inter school quiz you ask? Well let’s just say I ran out of my Archimedes moments. But the one which made it possible for me to go to another school and take a shot at a big prize will remain special.

Anybody else remember their first Archimedes moment?



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2 responses to “The first Archimedes moment

  1. Preeti

    I don’t remember my first archimedes moment although the ones in my school were always related to getting a particularly difficult sum right in maths. But one time I remember in F.E during our first maths tutorial, there was this tricky sum which had a very simple logic to it. And suddenly I got it and I banged the desk in joy only to the chagrin of my classmates who were still at it 😛

  2. Rohit

    Haha. Fortunately or unfortunately that has never happened to me when it comes to studies.

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