This was an article in the Hindustan Times about communist leader Jyoti Basu’s demise. Over the course of his long (too long in my opinion) political career, he achieved many things. However for some inexplicable reason, the report introduces him as the man who “could have been the world’s first democratically elected Marxist prime minister”.

This statement is largely irrelevant as he was not. How about the fact that he served as chief minister of West Bengal for 23 long years? It just seems that the HT writers wanted to stand out from the crowd. But appears as just another wtf? to me.



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3 responses to “Irrelevance

  1. .. The Economic Times tried the same by quoting someone saying that Jyoti Basu was the only Bhadrolok he had ever met.
    I mean, seriously now?

  2. i would have gone with the headline “impending disaster finally averted”

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