For those who came in late

The past few months I have seen a slew of bloggers from SPCE-SPIT. Many of them are still in college with some in their first year. Over the past four years, much has changed in college. Some places have changed their locations and some have ceased to exist altogether. This post is just a record of my recollections of SPCE and I hope whoever reads this looks at the campus in a different light.

Ten things you didn’t know about SP:
1) The year I was an FE i.e. 2005-06, was the year SPIT came into existence. Before that there was just the SPCE Aided wing with Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and SPCE unaided with Computers, IT, Electronics.

2) The 2005-09 batch of EXTC was the first EXTC batch to pass out of college. Hence placements for that batch were awful.

3) There used to be only one General Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Magazine Secretary for SPCE-SPIT combined even when we were in our Second Year. Rules used to change every year after that and we ended up screwing every college festival.

4) SPACE ’06 was the best SPACE to ever happen. No arguments about that. Jal had come to college. Bhavan’s ground was packed and all the events were amazing

5) We had two canteens when we were in FE. There was the normal canteen where we would get misal pav, poha, etc. and there was a sandwich, paratha, pizza, etc. counter near the stairs on the ground floor near the SPIT entrance i.e. opposite the elevator and adjacent to the SPIT office. The sandwich counter was shifted to the canteen in our SE.

6) The new SPIT wing did not exist in my FE. There was nothing there. Just the remnants of an old structure. Me and the rest of FE Trical spent many happy afternoons playing football there.

Notice the background?

7) There was no grille and no barriers separating the Quad from the college. The quad was all-access till my SE. And also the Quad height did not vary as much as it does now. There weren’t any fans or curtains.

8) In SPCE midterms were never taken seriously at all. Still aren’t I guess.

9) There was a reading room adjacent to the SPCE library. After our FE, they broke the wall and expanded the library.

10) This is just for the record really.

Rohit Ajitkumar, Chinmay Kamat and Siddharth Deekshit are the official founders of Sardar Patel Quiz Club, fondly known as SPQC. And BE Trical batch of 2009 will remain the undisputed SPQC Champions. Doubt it? We will take you on anytime, anywhere.

P.S. If anyone remembers anything else I missed out on, please let me know



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2 responses to “For those who came in late

  1. A place like SPCE happens only once in a person’s life. All this was well described. Just one thing that I want to add:

    When we were in FE and SE, the SPCE cricket team comprised guys from all 7 branches. We used to kick ass and were dreaded by all engineering teams in the city. Being part of that team was an elusive honor. I remember a hundred and seventy odd people turning up for selections in August 2005 at the airlines ground in Kalina.

    Teams separated in our TE, and for the next 2 years, both teams sucked and got their respective separate asses (separate, mind you) kicked. I bet the present is no different.

    In all probability, the footballers have the same story to tell. But somehow, the basketball guys managed to hold the teams together – I wonder how- and remained so till we graduated.

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