The best second-rate men in the world

Thanks to Harsha, I was fortunate enough to come across this brilliant column. It was written by my great uncle Mr. N. S. Jagannathan and paints a very accurate picture of the average Tamil Brahmin.

In spite of the fact that I have grown up in a distinctly non-tamil environment, I realize that I am far more tamil in my thoughts and actions than I previously believed. While the article has not led to a deep awakening of my Tamilness in any way, there are parts of it that I am in complete agreement with. Generalizing a community is a perilous endeavour but as the article says, it is entirely subjective.

Do take a look, its worth the time even if you are not a tam-bram.


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One response to “The best second-rate men in the world

  1. Well written. Very well written.
    Amazing the way he has pin pointed these incidents to carve out the nature of the tamil brahmin. Something anyone wouldve looked over otherwise.

    It’s funny how much ever we want to leave behind these ties of castes and such things, that elemental signatures still remains with us generations on.

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