25 years on…..

Amidst the busy schedule of exams and project deadlines, where much cribbing is done and the word “trauma” used all too frequently, something brings it all into perspective. It has been 25 years since the world’s worst industrial disaster occurred in Bhopal.

Many of us are too young to fully grasp the extent of this disaster. We are well renowned for our apathy and a lack of information about this topic only serves to push this incident further under the carpet of our nation’s selective history. 25000 people were killed that night in 1984. Tens of thousands more are affected even today by the chemicals that continue to leak. Our government has done nothing to bring the perpetrators of this incident to book. The safety standards in many industries are still appalling. Dow Chemicals is still thriving and will continue to do so without paying the price for Bhopal.

So who is responsible for this? Well the answer is lost in the murky depths of corporate law. This may well be judged as a crime without perpetrators. But to those who know deep down that they are the ones responsible for taking the lives of all those nameless people, I ask you, how can you sleep at night?


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