Sigh…. Old Wine in a Marathi Bottle

I am amused with the Shiv-Sena. How do they think they will fight for the marathi “cause” by making Sachin Tendulkar look bad? Bal Thackeray’s editorial was asinine enough. But this just takes the cake.

Any hope of a cogent argument is lost when the writer talks about Sunil Gavaskar:

“In contrast, Sunil Gavaskar can be called a true Maharashtrian because he helped local players Suru Nayak and Zulfikar Parkar find a place in the national team. They may have played just one Test but are now eligible for a decent pension from the cricket board.”

So basically by finding a place for incompetence in the Indian squad, Gavaskar was a good Maharashtrian. Does this mean is that they want all Marathi people to get a free lunch? Gavaskar should probably take this as an insult. So if he does, and says something, does he stop being a good Marathi Manoos?

Now that the MNS has stolen their thunder, it looks like the Shiv-Sena are taking desperate measures to try and get back into the consciousness.

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One response to “Sigh…. Old Wine in a Marathi Bottle

  1. AAB

    that statement by Thackarey was just uncalled for!

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