Who's better than the Beatles?

A simple comment by a friend on Facebook set off a good debate. Here it is verbatim:

V (The original status): the best thing that happend to music..CREED..

O: agreed πŸ˜›

Angry young man: Ummm I kinda disagree……..Have heard a band called “The Beatles”?……..

Angry young man (here it gets bizarre): BTW Creed is a Christian Rock band……and those type of bands are more prone to drug abuse than any other rock bands……

O (very sensibly): there’s a difference between opinions and facts, one man’s beatles is another mans creed and whats drug abuse got to do with it anyways, unke gaane sunne hai, unke yahaan rishta leke nahi jaana

Angry young man (getting progressively more angry): So u r telling me Creed is better than Beatles?…..If u really know what Creed is singing about then u r better off listening to Bhajans (needlessly insulting Bhajans, some of which are beautiful) ……

Me: always thought choice in music was personal. and was not aware that music could be compared

A: I agree wit rohit…Its the music that matters at the end of it all… n I think creed is a great band… n i feel that beatles is all ballscrap… totally overrated..

Angry young man: Nice one A first u agree with Rohit……Then u go ahead and compare music……..have u ever heard of a word called “hypocrite”?……

Me: @ Angry young man. read A’s comment again mate. he clearly says “I feel that beatles is all bullcrap”. Its an opinion. He does not say “Creed makes better music than the beatles do”.
Anyway high five A. And this comes from a total Beatles freak.

O: Angry young man, what if i like creed better than beatles? The Beatles aren’t everybodys favorite band u know, how come you’re oblivious to that simple fact remains a mystery as quite clearly you’re portraying yourself here as the all knowing master of musical knowledge. U don’t seem to have heard of the word opinion, and u think only u know what creed are singing about? Hum sab yahaan pe bewakoof baithe hai na

Me: shaant gadhadhari O shaant πŸ˜€

V: welcome to battlefield MUSIC..

Me: lol totally. where is Angry young man though?

Angry young man (And this is where he loses it): Dawg I was also giving my opinion in the start but u were the one u butted in and started the debate…….so i guess u r bewakoof……..

Me: what was that anecdote about people living in glass houses?

O: they should change clothes in the basement πŸ˜› and hopefully they’ll stay there for the rest of their lives too

Me: haha. very true.

O: u still don’t get the difference, i respect your opinion even though its simply daft, but u think your opinion is what the world should calmly accept as fact but anyway i dont think you are bright enough to register a fair and cogent argument so peace out hombres

Angry young man (sounding chastened): Hey its cool……in the end Music is Music no matter what type……BTW good debate….kept me thinking the whole day…..

Me: heh. that’s it. this is going on my blog

Angry Young Man: Hey if u like how the creed’s singer sounds like……listen to Kings of Leon….. (Total Wtf!)



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4 responses to “Who's better than the Beatles?

  1. dimple

    lmao really funny.

    so i guess we know who the bewakoof actually is πŸ˜›

    lol i still can’t stop laughing!

  2. Well. All this bandying could have well been avoided. If V thinks creed is the best thing that happened to music, or Mimoh Chakraborty is the best thing that happened to Bollywood, then poor V for being so one dimensional.
    Why the debate?

    • rohit

      what’s one dimensional about it? she likes them and commented that she does. if others have a problem with that, i feel they are the ones being one dimensional.

  3. dimple

    we all need some drama in our lives πŸ˜›

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