Living on Chemicals

I have a confession to make. When I was living back in Bombay (Mumbai, Bombay, what the hell?) I didn’t like coffee. Gasp! you say. How can a blue blooded Tamilian with both parents coming from pukka Tanjaore stock not like coffee? I don’t know. Maybe Mumbai had something to do with it. I love tea. I got addicted (well maybe too strong a word) to it in 11th and there has been no looking back.

Endless cups of cutting chai were consumed during long hours of nothingness in college canteens and other places where jobless people like us used to frequent. But tea was never wake up juice for me. I liked it for the taste and it was refreshing. I have never had coffee or tea or anything to keep myself awake.

I thought that was my superpower. Turns out, I never needed to stay awake as much as I need to now. There was never enough work for me to justify putting off my sleep. But things are different here. With endless amounts of work which had to be completed the day before, some wake up juice is in order.

Enter coffee. Americans have no taste for tea. Their idea of it is something that is roughly the colour and consistency of cat pee (or so my friend tells me). While I do have cups of Badhia Chai with Bharath, making the packet of Red Label Natural Care last for more than a couple of weeks means we drink a couple of ml each day. So coffee, of which copious amounts are available here is the only option. Thanks for the coffee machine that our apartment block owners have installed in the business center, we get to stay awake. However partaking this coffee is not as easy as one might be led to believe. Much subterfuge and sleigh of hand is involved as the dispenser can make only 8 cups per day and there are a 100 odd Indians living here.

But coming back to the issue. I have become a convert. My parents would be proud to know that their son is following in their footsteps in ensuring that the coffee makers of the world do not go out of business because I estimate that within my family the amount of coffee consumed keeps half the coffee manufacturers in the world busy. Sadly the coffee I drink is not as effective as the one my mom makes. Its not filter coffee. Its not even instant coffee. It tastes a lot like the above mentioned tea. And I’m getting used to it……



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3 responses to “Living on Chemicals

  1. Tea is the best drink nature has got to offer us…and coffee isn’t really drinkable if you get used to the filter coffee..experience proves it 😛

  2. randomabstractions

    Kaafi kaafi it is ! After bournvita/hot chocolate of course !

  3. Ah coffee. There is no escape from it.

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