The quizzing continues

I love quizzing. For the longest time however, my quizzing was restricted to the ones organized in Space, Nirmaan and Technobreak in SPCE. But in my final semester in SPCE, I and Chinmay decided enough was enough. Over a hot cup of tea near Pokhran, while going to Jaisalmer on the 2008, IEEE trip, we decided to formally start a quiz club in college which would provide a platform to avid quizzers and novices. We wanted to expose people to the classic Infinite Rebound format and get rid of the idea that quiz elims have to necessarily be paper rounds. And by God we did.

SPQC is larger than ever (so they tell me). Everyone has taken a huge liking to it, so much so that a larger venue is being considered. For me, it will always be the one thing that carried me through the week. I never missed a session and only 8000 miles of separation made me bunk. But I try to retain close ties to it, which is made easier by good folks like Chinmay, Dimple and Kirti who keep me up to date with the latest on that front.

My class especially loved the quiz sessions. To be honest, we fairly dominated the quizzes in the first season thanks to stalwarts like Deepak, Divyanshu, Jinju, Rahul and Heston. But then again, an SPQC quiz is never about winning. It is about that sharp intake of breath one draws when one discovers the answer to a question. It is about being amazed at the quirky stories behind the origins of innocuous words and phrases. And it is about the special feeling you get when you are stumped by a quiz and there comes a question, the answer to which you instinctively know and impatiently wait for the question to be passed to your team when you triumphantly shout it out and feel that warm glow inside when you realize that you have just won your team 10 points.

Having passed out, my classmates and I miss the sessions, but we try to remain involved. For the recently held FACE Mega Quiz, Rahul and I took some time out and made the following quiz. Rahul was able to take some time off from work and assume responsibilities as quizmaster. Divyanshu also managed to secure a seat in the audience. Some questions from Jinju and a connect by Adithya “Anna” Iyer completed the quiz.

I am told that it was a huge success so all is well in the jungle. But a quizzer never rests on past laurels and so preparations are already underway for a quiz in the even semester. But until then, I leave you with the elims and finals of the FACE quiz.


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