Like Rucha, who is up at Maryland, I too have fallen in love with Fall. I felt I just had to share these pics of the trees in and around the Georgia Tech Campus.


Which remind one of the immortal lines by Joyce Kilmer, “Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”


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8 responses to “Fall

  1. Fellow. Your campus is beeautiful!
    Walks must be awesome no?

  2. rohit

    Yes they are! So is hanging out near the fountain thats in the last pic. It reminds me of the amphitheater near the lake

  3. dimple

    Ro those are some really beautiful trees!
    Post some more pics…

    I bet you really don’t feel like staying at home na?

    Enjoy the walks πŸ˜›

  4. your campus seems like a resort !
    and the trees…are they real or wax models?
    your building and house toh laajawaab…seems like a 5 star hotel!!!

    seems like you’re having a blast in gtech man waw everything is so cooooooooool!
    i so envy u man i so envy u …

    • rohit

      Ya man your campus too! makes me wish I had done MS too! Just so that I could live in your apartment by the pool.

      And your kitchen! Its soooo awesome! My mom would love to cook there!

      You must be totally in with the blonde chicks right? Strip Clubs and all probably don’t even fascinate you anymore! Im sure you have been to all of them by now and also have 3 blonde girlfriends!


  5. comments 4 and 5 -> typical ones by friends in India, who seem to develop a city mouse-country mouse kinda mentality.

    Dear friends in India, what you have right now is priceless. We don’t give two hoots for orange colored trees or the poolside view. Here its just business as usual, and more often than not, more business than can easily be handled.

  6. dimple

    @bharath, rohit:

    Sorry for all that from all (resident) Indian friends, guess we just tend to skip how much u guys miss India and focus on your life there is currently.
    Nevertheless, you are having a blast πŸ˜›
    Hope to see you guys here soon though.

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