WTF again

This is the biggest WTF news I have read in a long time. It shocks me to what lengths people will go to gain some money and publicity. The biggest wtf is that the parents claim they gave their baby to the show as they felt they were doing “social work”. Have they ever heard of clothes donation drives or volunteering?



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5 responses to “WTF again

  1. pratap

    you want to hear more wtf news, closer to home. A certain godmother from SPCE said no to a blood donation drive, and the other godmother from SPIT, who initially backed it later refused stating you people are doing it to decorate your resumes! So much for goodness eh..

  2. rohit

    that sucks ass man.

  3. yugandhar

    wtf seconded….a bigger one to our GODMOTHERS from college…

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