The one thing that is very striking about the students in America, is their honesty. A professor tells us, “Look I am giving you a take home exam, do it on your own and please don’t consult any blog.” A typical Indian student reaction, “Screw this, I’m doing whatever I can to get my marks”. An American student would sit down, open his book and notes and do his work honestly without infringing any rules.

Same thing about assignments. Even if the assignment is due in half an hour and he has no clue how to do it, you will see the American, actually most non-Indians, sitting in one corner, books open, trying to figure out the logic behind the question. And if incomplete, he will submit it the way it is.

Of course these are all general observations. I am sure there are some Indian students who really are sincere. Many start changing their ways. There may be some Americans who do all the crap too, but I haven’t met any. Is it this desire to learn and understand what is really happening without caring about the marks that in general makes foreigners better innovators than us? If it is true, then a little more honesty and a sense of purpose about what we are doing is something which we could all use.



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7 responses to “Honesty

  1. dimple

    Clev(h)er observation πŸ˜›

    You’re possibly right about it, we are infact one of the laziest ones around.. even if we weren’t 4 years back, we surely are now πŸ˜€

  2. rucha

    that is so true..its really commendable how these americans immerse themselves into whatever they do without bothering abt wht it fetches them in the end(in terms of marks or money tht is:))..everyone talks abt the chinese n indians working hard but we’re too goal oriented.it seems these americans (almost all i hve seen so far)dont even need any motivation to get them slogging..to them,its just a way of life..amazes me..

  3. alostdiscoverer

    well as dimple said, i am sure we weren’t anything like we are now, before we got into MU. these 4 yrs make you more a xerox machine and less an engineer..I think I will laminate the assignment i will do completely on my own!

  4. yugandhar

    harsh truth

  5. Hey, good post. Nice to read things are different in USA

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