A funny birthday wish

If there is one thing I thank God for every day in Atlanta, its for giving me awesome room mates. The fun we have at home laughing at the most unlikely things, makes us forget the worries we encounter all too often here.

The last birthday in our house was Adhip’s. Today, for some reason, Bharath was going through Adhip’s orkut scrapbook, when he noticed people wishing Adhip, “Happy birthday! Have a blast.” At this point, Bharath remarked, what the fuck does “Have a blast!” mean? A blast is the last thing one would want on one’s birthday, or anytime for that matter. People lose limbs in blasts, they die in blasts. Why would anyone wish for someone to have a blast?

We spent about 15 minutes laughing uncontrollably at this. Not least because it sounds like a line straight out of an Arnold Schwazenegger movie. I can almost imagine him tossing a grenade into a room full of terrorists and remarking in his trademark deadpan voice before he closes the door, “Have a Blast”.

Jokes apart. Does anyone know the origin of this term?



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4 responses to “A funny birthday wish

  1. This term is even more (sort of) relavant now coz Diwali is on.
    Some days I really don’t get crackers ya. They’re noisy, polluting, and children go blind making these things.

    So Ram comes home *boom!*
    India wins a match *boom!*
    Elections *boom!*
    Weedings! *boom!*
    What does this even try signify!?

    • rohit

      haha. one advantage of life is usa. No crackers. I don’t like them either.

      Elections, diwali and probably some wedding going on simultaneously I guess!

  2. dimple

    have a blast!

  3. Diwali is reason enough.
    Loving the sweets and dry fruits though 🙂

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