Quiz questions that screwed me over

I know it is bad to keep grudges. It does not solve anything and is generally pointless. And I normally don’t. But as every quizzer would agree, there are some times when you feel so done in by an ill formed question or by an uninformed quizmaster, you just want to beat their heads in with a shovel. Thankfully I have never taken those extreme steps till now, but more often than not, the questions remain vividly imprinted into your consciousness. In the many quizzes I have participated in, there were surprisingly only two occasions on which I have felt outraged and helpless in the face of that rule “Quizmaster’s decision is final”. Here they are.

A) Nirmaan 2006.
It was a music quiz. Yours truly and K. R. Ganapati aka Jinju were partners and made it to the final round.
The question was: Who was the lead singer for Led Zeppelin?
The question was to some other team, the members of which had no clue but knew the name Jimmy Page and gave that as their reply.
The quizmaster, super excited for some reason says, “You are absolutely right!” Me and Jinju exchange looks of absolute horror. Had he ever heard the name Robert Plant?

B) Same music quiz, 5 minutes after horror moment 1
Question: Where was Freddie Mercury born?
For some reason, I had just read the Wikipedia entry for Freddie Mercury the day before and I KNEW he was born in Zanzibar and practically shouted it out.
The quizmaster looks at me and says “Pass”. The team next to me says “Mumbai” with glee in their eyes and again Mr. super quizmaster says “You are absolutely right!”
At this point, I tell him, “Dude, you really want to check out wikipedia”. But no.
The quizmaster’s decision is final.

Those 2 questions robbed us of 30 points. We came third. The team that came first, the same who claimed Jimmy Page was the lead singer for Led Zep, won by a margin of 20. 2000 Rs.
Team “Freddie Mercury was born in Mumbai” came second, 10 points ahead of us. 1000 Rs.
Imagining hanging the quizmaster in the quad over a shark tank, priceless.

I am sure that some people have imagined a similar fate for me over the years, and I accept that some of my questions were annoying and bad. All apologies. I know how it feels.



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4 responses to “Quiz questions that screwed me over

  1. *gasp* Who is the monster who ignored the existence of the legend that is Robert Plant?!

  2. rohit

    Surendra Mohite. I think he is in BE Civil now. Get him!

  3. Oh shit! Him.

    He’s going down.

  4. Preeti

    We had our facts right for our music quiz…Goodness how is such blasphemy even allowed?

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