Fall Break

Over the weekend I:

Stayed with my cousin in Alpharetta for three wonderful days.

Got to listen to and sing with the best singers in Atlanta.

Sang “Yesterday” as one of the most talented pianists I know played for me.

Saw a former Malayalam music director play really amazing guitar.

Heard and saw the heir of the Jaipur gharana play some mind-blowing tabla.

Finally went to a Walmart and a Costco.

Had brilliant Pav Bhaji mixed with lettuce bhel-puri and garlic chutney.

Called up all my friends in India and spoke to them for a long time courtesy my sister’s Vonage connection.

Played a fretless bass guitar.

Played the electric guitar and tried out a processor for the first time.

Got punked by orbitz.com

Received a package from home.

An extremely well spent fall break.



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7 responses to “Fall Break

  1. Over the fall break I:
    1. Had around 8 Keurigs
    2. Heard the white man play the departed theme for what was like the 238975086th time in a month
    3. Heard Adhip singing in the bathroom – not cool at all
    4. reached the stage at which tonight’s ‘atta maggi’ is considered my best meal of the week.
    5. Read enlightening mails from eloquent men such as Shrikant Kande

  2. rohit

    Wow! Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the break!

  3. not really , didnt miss india enough to want to go so soon. roomies got owned though.

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