Living with roommates is a very unique experience. However it is up to you how you go about it. You house can be like a hotel with different people staying in it, minding their own business, cooking for themselves or it can be a wonderful, funny place. A real home away from home. That happens when you make an effort to connect with your roomies and make it a point to do some things together – like cooking.

We cook together most days but the one thing we make it a point not to miss is to have a cup of Badhia Chai together. I am a big tea fan and for the last 2 years I have been drinking this wonderful brand of tea called Red Label Natural Care. It has all sorts of herbs in it and that makes it taste positively divine. I happened to get a packet along but was too lazy to open it until one day Bharath discovered it inside a hard to reach shelf of our kitchen. He said “Let me make some Badhia Chai for us.” Thus began an awesome tradition for us. We even lifted a catch phrase for it – “Khoop jamega rang jab mil baithenge chaar yaar. Aap, main, badhia chai aur southpark”. That is another tradition. Every meal is consumed while viewing episodes of South Park.

This is quite surprising given Bharath’s initial loathing of South Park. But me and Pradnyesh have converted him. It is now Bharath who insists on the South Park episodes and of course we do not need any persuasion whatsoever.

But now the way of the Badhia Chai is under threat. The sole packet is about to be exhausted and with no store selling anything quite like that in America, we are doomed. Unless my mom sends a couple of packets by courier.

God save us in such testing times.



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6 responses to “Routines

  1. Pari

    chai reminds of canteen and project fridays’ video.

  2. rohit

    aah the oscar winning one

  3. Godspeed Badiya Chai to us…

    Damn right about the wonderful experience. My roomies are my best friends and my sole support system here in Etlenta 🙂

  4. dimple

    Lol look around in Indian stores out there for chai – if you don’t find it, will courier it to u 😀

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