Another Dateless Diary

When I was at home I never felt the need to keep a diary. It seemed needless, I had the blog. I never felt the need to pen down what I really thought about people and all. I guess that was when I had really close friends I could share stuff with on a regular basis and get stuff sorted out. But its all different now.

I don’t have any really close friends here unfortunately. It will take time to make new ones. So I have started keeping a daily journal. Over the summer when I was in Chennai, in a quest for good reading material, I stumbled onto my Grandfather’s diary. I have never known him. He passed away years before I was born. But reading even the mundane entries in his diary, including stuff like “Milk purchase today” somehow made me connect with him. A man and his memories.

I guess now that i am getting a chance to experience new things, I ought to make the most of it. And the daily struggles that one goes through here what with trying to control spending and trudging for hours to various places located across the campus for nonexistent jobs would one day serve to remind me of the bad times in life, so I can cherish the good ones and would help keep me grounded.

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One response to “Another Dateless Diary

  1. dimple

    Hope you continue to write in that journal!

    In your own words, one day your grandson will read your diary and find solace that you went through shit in grad school too 😛

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