Immigrant Song

There was a guy from Fiji. He was not a native of Fiji though. Somewhere in the past his predecessors had moved to Fiji from India. He had a family. A degree in meteorology from the best University in Fiji. Personal problems made the family move to Canada where they tried to settle down.

Then came the shock. The Canadian authorities refused to accept his degree even though it was from a fellow country of the commonwealth. Money was short and he had to support a family of 4. Thus, this qualified man was forced to find work way beneath his qualifications. He became a labourer in a brick factory.

It was hard work but at least he could feed the family. Then one day, the lady in the factory in charge of payroll and administration fell ill. The owner came down to the factory floor and asked the foreman if he thought there was somebody there who could take over for her for a couple of weeks. The foreman, a fiery Italian who was broad minded enough to recognize intelligence, just pointed to the Canadian Indian from Fiji and the boss pulled him off the floor and into the office.

Having been given a golden chance to prove himself, the man set about his new job with zeal and was so good at it that the boss never sent him back to the shop floor. He was to stay in the office and was given a great chance to help the company.

One day, as he was doing his work, a man came in. He had a complaint. He wanted the company to make larger quantities of chimney covers. He said he wasn’t satisfied with the 5 or 6 the company made a month and said he would buy all that the company made.

Well this got the immigrant thinking. He went back home and sat together with some other immigrant friends and set about planning how they could make his mould. So he and his friends toiled after work. His 12 year old son helped him mix cement for the mould and eventually he perfected the design. He sold the first cover and the man who had come into his office loved it and placed advanced orders.

So the immigrant quit his job and started working full time on his garage start up. And he made a success story of himself.

This is a true story.

How do i know this? Well, I had the pleasure of meeting his son. The very same son, who as a 12 year old, helped his father make that first cement mould.

Now HE is and Canadian Indian from Fiji who has settled down in Atlanta. So go figure HIS story.


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