IKEA Zindabaad

The essential thing when you move into an unfurnished house is to buy new furniture. For Indian students with the intense desire to get as much as possible while spending as little as possible, there are few cheap options.

One is to search online for seniors who are selling off old furniture for whatever reason. But since most of them are Indian students, you can be sure they are selling the stuff at the same price they probably bought them from another senior. Transportation is also a pain in the ass.

The second option is to go to any furniture store like IKEA and look at stuff being sold at outrageous prices and return home empty handed.

The third option is to go to this little section in IKEA called the AS-IS section. This is a great place where they sell defective or returned furniture for very reasonable prices. As you also may have incorrectly guessed, AS-IS does not stand for Abandoned Stuff for Indian Students. Its just AS-IS. Which basically means, look we are going out on a limb here by offering you this stuff for dirt cheap prices, so you take it as it is and don’t ask for any freebies along with it.

Well we bought a couple of mattresses, a table and three chairs from this place. But since there are four of us, we are on the lookout for that elusive fourth chair to complete things. Things are proving difficult however because no one seems to be returning an old chair for less than 15$. Everyday we keep going to IKEA to check out the stuff but with no success till now. Even the employees give us a smile of recognition now. At the rate things are going, I think its not long before we get some thanksgiving dinner invites.

Its been four days since Bharath got here. He has been to IKEA on all four days. Undoubtedly we will keep going there till we get our chair. Till then, as Bharath puts it, IKEA is our home away from home away from home.


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  1. dimple


    I likes home away from home away from home 😀

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