WTF at loot

For the uninitiated, Loot is a chain of stores in Mumbai which is said to offer branded clothes at huge discounts. The fact that most of the stuff is not too good is a different matter (though to be fair you do come across a gem from time to time).

Well I went to the Loot store in Goregaon today and I was looking for a pair of shorts. I told the ready to help lady there that my waist is 34. She went to the rack and held up a 30 and said something to the effect of “Do you think you could squeeze into these?” While I was just gaping at her, I somehow mouthed “NO! My waist is 34!”

She dives into the rack and comes up with a 32 and said “Would this do?” as if she was ready to bargain. I was on the verge of asking her which part of the sentence “My waist is 34” she did not understand when helpfully she said, “Sorry Sir, we don’t have a 34.”

Really, WTF????



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2 responses to “WTF at loot

  1. sauronseye

    barriers to communication mate!
    i went to a loot at charni road too, lady seemed to want to sell me everything but what i wanted!
    had to fight to get out of there in one piece

  2. thesongremainsthesame

    😛 It’s like the number 34 was a “bit” too far 😛

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