A letter to SPCE Electrical 2005-09

Life is short. Time Flies by. A fantastic quirk of fate compounded by the inexplicable, unproved but oft observed butterfly effect culminated in the eclectic and unique mix of people that is our class. And what a wonderful class it is!

It all began in August 2005 when we made our way cautiously through the corridors of SPCE searching for FE Electrical (or Trical as we later learnt it was referred to), trying to avoid seniors and ragging. We didn’t quite succeed in avoiding ragging, but hey, that’s all part of the fun. The fresher’s dance was an awesome experience. Hagofying on stage (ask Mr. Divyanshu) felt great. The first DJ session in the quad was even better.

One thing that I will never forget is the great enthusiasm we share/shared for football. I remember a time when we once played a full ground game 16 on 16 on a hot April afternoon. That was simply fantastic! I will miss our stadium Craven Cottage where the unpainted travesty that is SPIT wing 2 stands. Long live football!

The great trips that we had. Bangalore, Goa, Mussorie have all been wonderfully enriching experiences. Organizing and participating in all those festivals still brings back fond memories.  SPARK 2008 remains the best organized fest in the history of SPCE. SPARK committee zindabaad!

But these are not the only reasons I will remember our class by. It is because of the people. Everyone in our class is special to me. I have made the best friends of my life here. So many people have made me realize so many things about life and have helped me in no small way to discover myself.

As I write this I can remember some of the incidents which have occured that bring a huge grin on my face. Chakku’s last over where he bowled 3 wides to help the batting side achieve the 3 runs needed for victory, the Houdini act on Salil, Spoof-o-mania of both technobreaks, Project Fridays’ movies, well I could just keep going on and on.

A wave of nostalgia sweeps over me as I turn back the clock. The last four years have been better than the rest of my life put together. I don’t think I will ever find the kind of happiness that I found in SPCE Trical. Time is exceptional at his job, as he efficiently pulls us apart and makes us face the real world without the comfort of knowing someone else is stuck in the same boat (remember submissions and vivas!).

Years will pass, we will grow older and perhaps more sober. But I hope the memories of our stay here will just remind us of the fun we have had together and help us retain a bit of the insanity that we have picked up over these years. I wish everyone in my class all the best for the future. I sincerely hope we stay in touch and never forget each other. I order all of you to be present for the 50th reunion of our class in 2059!!!!

I love you, SPCE Trical 2005-09. Thank you for everything.


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