April Fooled by my dream universities

Well there goes another April Fool’s day and I doubt if anyone got fooled more than I did yesterday. 

Its like this: My dream universites were UT Austin and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I was very hopeful of getting into Austin at least because Illinois is too much for one with my grades. 

One fine day, Deepu called me and told me to check my inbox because he got an admit to Austin. I checked it, only to be confronted with an empty mailbox. I checked my status online and saw that thoses people had not received my Statement of Purpose. I promptly called up the Graduate Co-ordinator who said, and I quote, “You see sir, things tend to get really hectic around here around this time and there is a chance that things might slip.” He told me to email him my SOP which i promptly did.

That was way back on March 5th. On 31st March, I emailed him again asking as to when I could expect an admission decision only to be confronted with the damning reply, and I quote again, “The Admissions Committee has rejected your application.”

I was understandably very annoyed and I just smacked my hand on the computer table which caused my comp to hang. i restarted my comp and just as I clicked on Log in to yahoo, I remarked to my mom that now that Austin has sent a reject there is only Illinois to look forward to. Right then, I noticed that there was a new mal in my inbox. Believe it or not, it was a reject from Illinois too.

For five minutes after that me and my mom were just laughing at this amazing turn of events. I got over that pretty soon though and I am feeling pretty peeved now. 

Austin feels like a running race where I crossed the finish line first, but the officials failed to spot it. 

F**k my life.



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2 responses to “April Fooled by my dream universities

  1. dimple

    Aww. But u have GT ! :d

  2. toocoolforu5000

    ya but still got fu**ed over. that feeling is NOT good

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