Admits update

Well following the twin disasters of Texas A & M University and University of Minnesotta Twin Cities, I have something to cheer about finally. here it comes….


I actually got into Georgia Tech!!!! Woohoo!!!!!


I also got an admit for Virginia Tech but that’s only for an M Engg. course. For some reason everyone I know who has applied to this school has either got a reject or an M Engg. admit. This is some industry oriented course which does not have a thesis option. They say we can switch over to an MS after a semester but I’m really not going to believe them. All Phd aspirants beware, you cannot persue a doctrate in America without a thesis course in your Master’s. Also they have categorically stated that no RA or TA positions will be given to students of the M. Engg. course. So again beware. 

But I got into Georgia Tech so as we frequently say in class, who the f**k gives a f**k.

I could have got an admit to UT Austin but they lost my SOP. yeah they actually LOST it. I had to mail it back to them and all but they are taking their sweet time about it. As of now I am going to Atlanta.

Now to find a lightly guarded bank so that my education would be that much cheaper.



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8 responses to “Admits update

  1. gatech eh ? awesome , congrats 🙂 . and at vtech if you really “prove” yourself to the profs , you can get it converted ms. thesis ? even better!

  2. toocoolforu5000

    george mason? virginia? what course?

  3. ms cs … are you from cs too , or is it mech ?

  4. toocoolforu5000

    Im in electrical. So ms ece. Know anyone who is going to georgia tech?

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