My first Reject

With the good we have to take the bad. Close on the heels of my first admit from UT Arlington, comes a swift reject from Texas A & M University.

They say,

Your application for admission to graduate studies has been received and reviewed throughly by those most concerned with your admission. After carefully considering your application file, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer you admission at this time.

The departmental evaluation of your application indicates that your overall profile is not competitive with other applicants. If you need any additional information,we ask that you contact the department to which you have applied.

So basically what they are saying is as Chaukya puts it is Fucccck Offfff.

Honestly I would have loved to get an admit from this college but I was prepared for the reject as their track record in accepting Indians is not great. So far from producing a deeply contradicting feeling to my happiness at getting the admit, the reject has just made me say “Meh I have 7 more to go”.

I will of course update about the results of those colleges.

Will Rohit get an admit to the college of his dreams? To find out return to A Dateless Diary.


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2 responses to “My first Reject

  1. pratap kaul

    sorry for this one, but 7 more to go, lot to look forward to đŸ™‚

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