The First Admit

Applying to the US for higher studies is a decidedly strenuous process. GRE and TOEFL are a cinch when compared to the troubles one must go through to send the application materials by post to the universities.

Then follows a nervous wait as one keeps checking the inbox to see if there are any new messages, only to be greeted by ones from the college IEEE committee telling one that Mr. So and So would be giving a talk on This and That and this will surely be an enriching experience….. blah blah or by a certain Mr. Mbutu aka Mr. Okiri from Nigeria asking if one can be his business partner and help him retrieve 27 million dollars from the Reserve Bank of Tanganyika or something.

The wait certainly paid off for me as I got my very first admit just over half an hour ago. Its not much as admits go. University of Texas at Arlington is my last choice no doubt. However the first admit will always remain special. They were the first ones to give me any “Bhaav” so to speak. So I thank UT Arlington from the bottom of my heart for judging me capable of being a part of their institute. Now that me going to the US is just a matter of securing the Visa, I’m going to take it easy this semester (if I can take it any easier!). Anyway I can now safely lecture juniors on GRE and stuff because I have got my ticket.

I hope this first admit is leading the line of eight more. But no matter which university I get into or which one I go to, UT Arlington will always remain in my memory as the one that gave me my first tangible opportunity to believe. Here’s to more of those moments!



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3 responses to “The First Admit

  1. Brett

    Congratulations. Hope you get your remaining 7 calls too.For me that seems such a long way off and so so very unlikely at the moment.

  2. pratap kaul

    oye congrats 😀

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