Making a quiz is fun

I am gearing up to host my first quiz and setting questions is an exhausting process. I have been working for 2 days and I have only set 10 questions. But I love every minute of it. I have to take care that the questions have enough clues for the people to be able to work them out but not so easy that they come up with the answer right away.

A good quiz is one in which the people have the answer on the tips of their tongues but need a bit of coaxing to get it right. Even if they do not get it, when the answer is revealed, they ought to be surprised at its simplicity. At least that is how I like my quizzes.

I want the whole experience to be perfect. The quiz is to be held on February 5 hopefully and is open to all students of SPCE-SPIT. For anyone outside who wants the questions just for the heck of it, do leave behind your email addresses and I will mail it to you by Monday for sure. I will be grateful for any feedback about the questions.


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  1. chinmay

    nice post sirjee.eagerly awaiting 5th ka quiz 😛

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